The Kahaniya Herstory

Not so long ago in Toronto, there were three women with cameras who had a story seldom told in thick history books.

With their cameras, they helped tell a story from India. A very important story. One about courageous women fighting for justice.

They soon realized that there were so many more stories. Kahaniya means stories in Hindi. It is an organization that can translate the urgency so many brave and creative women fight for.

So the three young women from Toronto made Kahaniya a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women locally and internationally share their stories and show us our world through a new lens, from a fresh perspective, and in sharper focus.

Kahaniya reaches women who have limited access to tools of documentation and therefore less influence in how history books or global media have ignored and distorted their stories.

Kahaniya’s initiatives work with communities to tangibly document their achievements and struggles while presenting the world with images, still and moving, powerful enough to shake it.

There is no “The End.” because the story of Kahaniya remains unfinished. With your valued support, however, we can continue with the next chapter. . .

Your financial support will help Kahaniya make “herstory” by helping us share first hand stories that narrate the realities and reveal the deep courage of women who resist it.