The Projects

Kahaniya is engaged in a number of projects that enable sisters to share their stories. See below for current projets.

Picking Up The Pieces

Kahaniya partnered with the Rural Educational Development Society (REDS) to do a series of workshops on photography and film with India’s indigenous peoples, the Dalits. Dalit people have been oppressed for thousands of years and resisting.

Kahaniya wants to highlight the women, who have been a part of building a 25-year
movement against caste oppression, in the small district of Tumkur.

3 Dollars n' 6 Dimes

Aluna Theatre partnered with Kahaniya to create 3 Dollars n’ 6 Dimes; an inspiring
piece remixing the genres of theatre and Hip Hop combined. It is a coming of age
story narrating the lives of six women growing up in a Hip Hop generation.

Bindis & Brastraps

This intergenerational project between grandmothers and granddaughters uses film
and photography to explore self-identity, mental health, immigration, as well as,
gender oppression in the South Asian community of Brampton. Bindis and Brastraps
aims to decrease cyclical patterns of abuse within the family, while integrating the
female voice in the community.

Photo Diaries from the Silenced Voices

Aluna Theatre partnered with Kahaniya to create an innovative series of photography
and theatre workshops. Alongside Imagination Foundation, a Colombian organization
dedicated to rebuilding the life of child ex-combatants and the victims of the armed
conflict, we are using art as a form of therapy for the women and children affected.