The People

Rakhi Mutta

Rakhi Mutta has been working with grassroots
movements and communities for the past decade. With
her love for communities and passion for the arts, she has
created, worked with and for many innovation programs.
She was the founder of Artistic Effusion (an arts based program
for youth), Co-Creator of Kahaniya and has also worked with
Legal Aid Ontario, TDSB, and PDSB. Currently, she sits on the Executive of the Young Leaders Council at the United Way of Peel Region. She has worked with and studied movements across the globe including India, Nepal, Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and England.

Natasha Daniel

Photography and social justice has motivated Natasha
Daniel to travel through Latin America, as well as the World
Social Forum in Brazil, and learn from diverse communities.
Natasha has been teaching photography to communities
worldwide including Kenya, India, Colombia and Canouan
Island to name a few. Her body of work has been showcased
in Tumkur and New Delhi, India, the Positivity exhibit at the
Rush Corridor Gallery in New York City, as well as the 2007 Contact photography festival, the largest photographic exhibition in North America. Currently, Natasha co-coordinates Lost Lyrics, a youth based Hip Hop program that uses the arts to engage young people
in self-identity and critical analysis.