The Details

Rakhi Mutta, Gillian Mapp, and Natasha Daniel are visual artists and organizers in the Toronto community who use their experience in theatre, photography, and film to engage people in stories often neglected by popular media and mainstream sources of learning.

By sharing their skills through creative programs that engage communities, they help document stories so many yearn to hear. The Rural Education Development Society in Tumkur, Karnataka, India had a story that the three immediately knew they had to help tell. This organization focuses on the lives of Dalit peoples; the indigenous of India who are stigmatized as “untouchables” under the officially illegal caste system.

This was the story that started Kahaniya. The aim was made to not only document the struggles and achievements of the Dalit movement of Tumkur, but to teach our skills in workshops and seminars for the communities that continuously give our organization lessons in art, life and political building.

The project in Tumkur really emphasized the need to tell other stories, and the enthusiastic response from communities around the world confirmed the need to fill glaring gaps in history and learning. Kahaniya became an international organization based in Toronto, Canada that uses artistic mediums such as theatre, photography, and film to help document the many stories of women and their communities, locally and globally, whose struggles are so often ignored by the mainstream media and institutions.

The aim is to work, as teachers and partners, with communities to empower women who do not always have the material means to document and distribute their courageous stories.

Within the realms of globalization, Kahaniya acts as a multimedia resource assisting our communities record their stories, for themselves and by themselves. We also communicate theses stories globally, for the communities that do not always have access, which can then serve as support and inspiration for mutual struggles and achievements.

There is no “The End.” because the story of Kahaniya remains unfinished. With your valued support, however, we can continue with the next chapter. You can help sisters share stories by making a donation to Kahaniya.

Any questions, comments or support regarding Kahaniya can be sent to You can also contact Rakhi Mutta at 416.294.9666 or Natasha Daniel at 647.221.3744.