Kahaniya means stories. Sisters sharing stories. For a change.

Our Focus

Kahaniya is an international organization rooted in Brampton and Toronto with branches around the world. More specifically, Kahaniya focuses on facilitating photography, film and theatre training with women and youth, who do not always have the privilege to document and convey their own testimonies. These powerful stories act as tools to further the action our communities can take while facing oppression.

We believe our perspectives of the world, community and ourselves can change for the better when the idea of history is reflected not from a book, but from those who live outside its pages. We use art as a language that requires no translation.

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Why We Focus Our Lenses

International Community Building
The media often paints an incomplete picture of international issues and people. Therefore, Kahaniya has produced teaching resources such as documentaries, photography and books. In addition, we provide workshops and cultural sensitivity training to public and private institutions, who are studying international topics, working with new
communities, and expanding internationally.

The Right to Tell Your Story
Kahaniya believes everyone has the right to tell their own story. We provide space and resources for the stories that need to be told. Women and youth, who have never had access to documenting their lives or conveying their testimonies are able to do so through our training, international networks, and media.

Taking a picture, being behind a video camera or performing on stage can change one’s life options and notion of the future. It gives them opportunity to try something new while creating channels for economic empowerment. To dream a dream, you have to be able to visualize it.

Poem for Kahaniya.

We are sisters sharing stories from the souls, streets,
and stolen lands
It is our privilege and responsibility as artists:
agents of change and active members
of the global community to document and share in the telling of
our own narratives
Untold and untouched by the history books,
unimaginable to the 6’oclock news
We want to share in the telling of you and I from the many
islands and international places,
faces of the indigenous we want to document and learn
to support, further and create new spaces
for the majority of us in the world who endure the
prejudice of race, religion, caste, class
Kahaniya means stories for those who wonder,
it is also an organization
Organizing ourselves to use our cameras with the right lens,
Teaching photography in the places we capture both the
beauty and tragedy of life
We have to do this, when we die, the knowledge stays alive.

Get Involved.

We are always looking for people or organizations to partner with. If you feel that you would like to donate your time, expertise, or monetary support we can be contacted at rakhi@kahaniya.org.